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Personal Chefs

Ella’s Personal Chefs is a division of ELL KIM CATERING. Owned and operated by Chef David J. Wing. David dedicates his culinary ventures to honor his mom Ella Kim. I have over 25 years of restaurant and catering experience in the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento areas. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your family to create unique meal plans designed specifically for your culinary needs. Please review the all inclusive weekly cost estimate for a family of four consisting of five daily meals.

Ready to Serve


We set a time to meet and discuss your weekly culinary needs then design a menu plan that works for you and your family


We will create weekly meal plans designed specifically for your tastes and food preferences. Individual meals and family style are available.


We will source the highest quality ingredients to prepare delicious meals for you and your family. We can also keep your food cost low as a caterer we have access to wholesale prices or we can also shop at your favorite grocery or supermarkets if you prefer.


All your meals will be prepared professionally by one of our chefs. We will pack, label and organize your refrigerator for the week. Your kitchen will be left clean and spotless. Simply reheat and enjoy!


Price per person $ 156.96 per person/includes 7.75% Ca sales tax.

Family of four total estimate $ 627.84.


Includes transport, delivery and service fees. Gratuities are welcome. Prices subject to change according to your specific menu and services.


Contact Us link/ Schedule free consultation here

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